Career Consultation

Don’t spend substantial amounts career services that promise dream jobs, but don’t deliver.

Stop giving Recruitment Agents a percentage of your wages when you are capable of finding your own work.

The Recruitment Desk offers practical, affordable Career Consultation Services that are tailored specifically for the job seeker.

Talk with a Career Advisor who will provide personalized guidance, tailored specifically to get you and the job your are applying for.

Step 1) Free Consultation: Drop us a line at to book your free 20-minute career consultation. During this time you will speak with a Career Advisor to determine where you are in your job search and how we can help.

Step 2) Pick the service(s) you feel will best aid in your job search.

Option 1: Resume Consultation (up to 3 pages) – $75.00

Sending your resume all over town but not getting any calls back?

Have a Career Advisor review your resume and provide in-depth notes and feedback. Each resume will be reviewed line-by-line and provided a feedback report as well as personalized advice to ensure your name ends up on the call-back list.

Option 2: Cover Letter Consultation – $75.00

Over 50% of Recruiters will not respond to a Resume that is not accompanied by a Cover Letter? Writing a clean, effective Cover Letter is an art unto itself, and is paramount in ensuring your Resume gets noticed.

Have one of our Career Advisors review your Cover Letter and offer personalized feedback on how to present yourself in a strong, compelling light and ensure you are not rehashing your resume in paragraph form.

Option 3: Resume + Cover Letter Consultation – $125.00

Option 4: Interview Preparation – $150.00 ($125.00 if the interview is booked after a Resume Consultation)

Preparation is one of the most important parts of the Interview process. Booking an hour-long, live consultation a Career Advisor will ensure that you are properly prepared

Conduct a mock interview for the position you have applied, followed by an in-depth review. Analyze your interview skills and receive valuable advice for building rapport with Hiring Managers, answering challenging questions and making sure you leave an impression.

The number one reason most interviews fail is lack of preparation. Don’t make that same mistake.

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